Google Books for Genealogy

Getting Started with Google Books | taught by Nancy Hendrickson

Course description

This free course is Part 1 of Google Books for Genealogy. The instructor delves into the basics of Google Books and how this free resource can be used to

  • learn about ancestors
  • discover important events in ancestors' lives
  • trace immigration patterns
  • find family origins
  • learn about early American diseases, trades, and economy

Part 1 of this course is free.

Nancy Hendrickson
Nancy Hendrickson
Internet Genealogy Expert

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of the best-selling Unofficial Guide to She has been researching family trees most of her life, concentrating on lines that came to America in the late 17th century. She is an expert in Internet genealogy and has been interviewed on this subject by several publications including The NY Times, Kiplinger's and Better Homes and Gardens.

Course Curriculum

Part 1
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